Coachella 2023 : Rosalía performs with her fiancé Rauw Alejandro

In order to perform “Beso” and “Vampiros” from their recently released joint EP ( Extended Play ), Rosalia invited her fiancé Rauw Alejandro to the stage. The Spanish pop artist enquired of the audience, “How many of you have already listened to RR.” “I first visited Coachella four years ago, and I went alone. No, not this time. A little while later, Rauw Alejandro joined Rosalia on stage , where they danced, kissed, and sang. What does Coachella say? He roared at the throng, “Where are my Latin people? One of Rosalia’s most memorable performances, in which she played songs from her albums El Mal Querer and Motomami, was Rauw’s unexpected arrival.

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