Together Again : Janet Jackson kicks off tour with Sheinelle Jones joining her on stage as dancer

Janet Jackson has launched her highly anticipated Together Again tour with a 40-plus song set list that includes classic hits such as “Control,” “Nasty,” “All for You,” Scream,” and “Rhythm Nation,” as well as several other songs from her back catalog. According to NME, Jackson also performed a few songs live for the first time, such as “Damita Jo,” “Enjoy,” “Girlfriend/Boyfriend,” “Like You Don’t Love Me,” and “Do It 2 Me”. The tour consists of six acts and features music from her 1993 “Janet” and 1997 “Velvet Rope” albums, among others.

During her encore performance of “Together Again,” Jackson was joined on stage by “Today” co-host Sheinelle Jones, who had channeled Jackson for the 2019 Halloween episode of the morning show. Jackson had extended an invitation for Jones to be one of her backup dancers, and Jones had practiced for hours before performing a short routine to the tune of “Together Again” alongside her idol at the Hard Rock Live.

Jackson’s “Together Again” tour will take her to more than 30 cities across the United States and Canada, including five stops in California, with the opening night scheduled for June 10 at the Hollywood Bowl with support from Ludacris and members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s youth orchestra.

Jackson has also been reflecting on her life, career, and upcoming documentary, Janet Jackson: Family First, which will include footage from the tour. The documentary will focus on Jackson’s effort to reunite Jackson family band with her brother, Randy.

Below is the list of full set playback list:

  1. “So Much Betta”
  2. “I Get Lonely” (TNT Remix)
  3. “Come On Get Up”
  4. “Together Again” (DJ Premier Remix)
  5. “Miss You Much”
  6. “What Have You Done For Me Lately” / “Nasty”
  7. “Alright” / “Escapade”
  8. “The Pleasure Principle”
  9. “Rhythm Nation”
  10. “No Sleeep” / “Got ‘Til It’s Gone” / “That’s the Way Love Goes” / “Enjoy”
  11. “Free Xone” / “Throb”
  12. “Any Time, Any Place”
  13. “When We Oooo” (intermission interlude)
  14. “New Agenda” / “The Knowledge”
  15. “Damita Jo”
  16. “Together Again” (Deeper Remix)
  17. “Feedback”
  18. “All for You”
  19. “Doesn’t Really Matter”
  20. “When I Think of You” / “Diamonds”
  21. “Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)” (Remix) / “Lonely”
  22. “Black Cat”
  23. “The Best Things in Life Are Free”
  24. “Because of Love”
  25. “Girlfriend/Boyfriend” / “Like You Don’t Love Me” / “Do It 2 Me”
  26. “The Body That Loves You” (interlude) (contains elements of “Runaway,” “You Want This” and “Spending Time With You”)
  27. “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”
  28. “So Excited”
  29. “If”
  30. “Come Back to Me” / “Let’s Wait Awhile”
  31. “Again”
  32. “That’s the Way Love Goes” / “Enjoy” (encore)
  33. “Together Again” (encore)
  34. “Throb” / “Diamonds” (bonus track)

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